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About Us

We’re a small design studio comprised of an eclectic bunch of artists, designers, entrepreneurs and an odd-one-out admin queen who keeps us all grounded and on track.

We're all about the blend between classical and minimalist design. We reckon that too often minimalist designs end up boring while those trying to recreate a classical look end up with needless embellishment and gadgetry. 

We want all of our products to embody our unique design philosophy. Our concept of great design is clean simplicity coupled with the timeless classical design principles of harmony, balance and symmetry. Additionally, we like to add in a few subtle classical design features.

For example, classical period fluting was the inspiration for the engraved indices on our watches and was included to add texture to the surface of the dial. The hands were, albeit very loosely, based on Gothic tracery patterns. The roman numerals obviously hark back to the classical period.

As for our bags (coming soon!), we think that quality leather speaks for itself, especially saddle leather, which we are unashamedly obsessed with. For this reason, we didn't add in extra design elements as, in our opinion, leather is more often ruined than not by doing so. We kept it simple and think it stands out all the more for it!

Ultimately, we stripped our designs as much as possible of needless adornment and instead focused on creating products with a simplicity of design and a few selectively chosen features that we think turn our products into standout items that are simply a pleasure to look at.

We've revived two family businesses; the Schindler saddlers and the Ochoa watchmakers. Hence our use of traditional saddle leather for all our bags and watch straps. Luxury made Simple. Heritage made New.